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Graduation: check! On to the Visa

28 Jun

One more thing off my pre-trip checklist with graduation two weeks ago from yesterday. (Have I really been an OU Alum for two weeks now? yikes!)

Now I’m throwing all my efforts into getting my travel visa.  Because I’m staying for a long ammount of time (more than 6 months) in Spain, I am required to get my visa. At first I thought it would be a simple process, but in reality it involves not one, but two trips to the nearest consulate in Chicago along with many documents and photocopies.

The complete list of items required for a student visa are listed at the consulate’s website. There are also a number of different consulates depending on your home state, but most require an FBI background check along with many other documents so its important to get started early. I have my appointment set up for July 12th, so I’m going to be checking the list often to make sure I have everything in order.

Lesson of the Day: A forced trip to Chicago might not be the worst thing that has happened to me this summer. I just hope I don’t spend all my cash on the magnificent mile!


Airfare Airfare Airfare

2 Jun

I just started looking up airfare into Sevilla, but I can’t figure out how to decide when to settle and just buy a ticket. I’ve probably searched about every airfare search engine out there, but I can’t seem to settle on a good price. Plus, do I get a 1 way or round trip? Do I fly out of Cincinnati or drive somewhere else? Do I really want to spend this much time thinking about it?

Too many questions.

But for all other deal-seeking travelers who are also delving through the google searches under “cheap airfare” I’ve found a few good deals on these websites: My numero uno for looking up airfare.  This site combines information from hundreds of travel sites and then redirects you to that site for booking. Like Kayak, this site also searches through other travel sites in order to provide consumers with a large variety of flight providers and prices. This site is especially great for young people looking for global travel. It offers cheaper flights to students, teachers and anyone under 26. This site also offers travel packages and help with online visa applications. Based out of the U.S., specializes in flights to Eastern Europe by searching through multiple airline providers.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but its a good place to start.

Lesson of the Day: Just because an add pops up advertising cheap flights, doesn’t mean you should click on it. Or call their customer helpline. Or leave them a voicemail…