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To Pack or Not to Pack

24 Jul

As I slowly prepare for my trip, one question has been looming over my head: how the heck am I going to get all my stuff into a suitcase?

After looking up luggage fees and purchasing a few new pieces of luggage (the nice kind with 4 wheels!) I have finally decided that minimalism or minimalismo might just have to be my new motto.

Just about every major airline allows 1 carry-on bag (at 40 lbs or less) and one personal item (purse, backpack, etc.) For trips to or through Europe/India, usually a checked bag (at 50 lbs or less) is included in the price. Additional bags or bags weighing more that 50 lbs but less than 70 lbs are subject to an additional fee of around $50.

So now that I know my limitations, this leaves only the actual packing left to do. As a good rule of thumb, I’ve learned to set everything aside that I want to pack and then cut it in half. It’s also important to consider climate, versatility, and room for souvenirs.

My Lesson of the Day: Just because I can afford to pack 140+ lbs. of luggage doesn’t mean I can carry it.