And I’m off!

17 Sep

The past few days have been a whirlwind!

Much to my own surprise, I actually got something done ahead of time and had all my stuff packed by Wednesday night. As I sat in my room, surrounded by piles of clothes, my mom kept saying “You really think you can get all that into that one suitcase?”

The final product: one rather-large, 68 lb. suitcase that contains about 9 pairs of shoes, several school supplies, a year supply of contacts and one yellow bear, among many, many other things.

So I left Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon for a dallas-madrid-sevilla flight. All went smooth until I got to Dallas, where I began to see some bad-travel omens.

First, my flight was delayed about an hour. Second, upon finally taking off, the man in front of me immediately put his seat back as far as possible. Third, “Just Wright” was the only in-flight movie playing during the 9.5 hour flight.

I met up with a few other people from CIEE that were flying from Dallas and together, we missed our flight and suffered through the never-ending airport lines and security checks. After waiting for around 2 hours, we were finally put onto another flight. The catch? Our original flight (that we missed) left at 11:50 am and the next open flight wasn’t until 10:45 pm.

Luckily there were seven of us there to take turns sleeping and watching bags during the 10+ hours sitting in the airport.

At 1:30 am, we finally checked into our hotel in Sevilla to begin orientation the next morning. What a day!

My Lesson of the Day: The Madrid airport code happens to be “MAD”. And don’t expect that airport to make you happy!


One Response to “And I’m off!”

  1. Mom September 17, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    Hey em,
    Okay now that you have taken a picture of it all, it doesn’t look near as bad as it did spread across you bedroom floor.
    And besides what are mom’s for if they don’t worry for you.
    Love you,

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