Has it only been a week?

24 Sep

It’s strange to look around and think, “I’ve only been in Jaén for a week!” While things have been a little overwhelming, it’s nice to be able to look around and see all that I’ve accomplished.

First and foremost, I found an apartment. Well, actually I found two. To make a long story short, I spent two nights in my first apartment. I, however, only needed one night to figure out that it wasn’t really what I was looking for.  While my two roommates were extremely nice and welcoming, I think I developed a slight case of claustrophobia (thanks, mom!). Plus I realized that the apartment was a lot further away from things than I originally thought.  So now it’s on to apartment number two! It’s a little cheaper, a little closer to school and let’s hope I last a little longer at my new residence. My 3 roommates, who are all university students, will be coming in next week so I’ll have a little time to settle in before they arrive. Until then, I can just hang out on my terrazza and enjoy this amazing view:

The second big thing I did was get a cell phone.  Typically, having a cell phone would make one feel cooler and like they belong. However, I think my $14, pre-paid flip phone might just have the power to make me look even less cool. Especially when someone asks for my number and I have to look under “yo” in my phone to find my own number. Tomorrow’s task might just have to be memorizing my number.

The third thing, of course, is my job. I went to my school, an I.E.S. (Instituto de Educación Secundaría), which is also known as a high school back in the states. High school usually consists of students from the ages of 12-16, which are the mandatory ages for education. Then from the ages of 16-18 students can choose to pick a focus for their studies if they choose to continue. I found out I’ll primarily be working with older students, most of which might be anywhere from 16-30ish. Not exactly what I pictured when I signed up for this, but, I think it will be nice to teach older students, who actually want to learn English. More on that once I start October 1st.

Finally, I’ve been working on trying to get to know my new city. I’ve seen the catedral, the main streets, the Castillo, and many other things. I’ve also gone out some with new American, Brittish and Spanish friends found along the way. I can’t say that I’ve closed down any bars, seeing as the discotecas close at around 7:30 am, but I have had a lot of fun drinking cerverzas (which I now pronounce thervethasgrathias!), watching fútbol, and eating freetapas. So far life has been fun, but I must admit I’m pretty excited to settle down a bit and start work in the upcoming week.

My Lesson of the Day: Just because the hostal is overbooked, doesn’t mean you should move into the first apartment you find.

One Response to “Has it only been a week?”

  1. Mom September 24, 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    I think your lesson for the day should be something like “even if you are far away from home you still need your mom to talk to when things just aren’t right” or something like that.

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