A weekend in Granada

2 Nov

After spending approximately 5 weeks in Jaén without leaving, I finally decided that it was time to see a little more of the country so we went for the weekend to Granada.

Situated about an hour south of Jaén, Granada is infamous for the beautiful Alhambra, an old Arabic fortress. It is also well known for the large University of Granada and has a reputation of being a college town.

Everyone here in Spain seems to love Granada, so we figured that it was about time that we went to see it for ourselves. Plus, my friend Lauren had a place for us to stay in Granada with a friend of hers so we even got a personal tour of the city.

We arrived to Granada on Saturday, but the weather was not on our side. The rain and cold coming down from the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains kept us inside all night. After resting up, we woke up on Sunday and ventured out into the cold weather with Lauren’s friend Noe and his roommate Yogi, who both happen to be Portuguese, but now live in Granada.

Our first stop was for tapas and drinks, because a lot of restaurants surrounding the university offer good prices and good food. Then we were off to see the massive Cathedral, which is almost too big to take in up close.

From there, we headed to the Mirador de San Nicolas. In order to get there, we had to climb up the steep and winding roads of the Albacin, the old Arabic neighborhood.  When we finally reached the top, we were rewarded with the beautiful view of the Alhambra and the entire city of Granada below. We sat at the mirador for a few minutes, listening to the guitar music played by a street performer and enjoying the view. We even were lucky enough to see a few rays of sunshine, illuminating the Alhambra long enough to take a few pictures.

Then we headed back down the steep decent, to the river which surrounds the Alhambra and we traveled down by the river, passing teterías (tea shops), restaurants, and little shops full of Arabian goods. Then it was back up again to the park surrounding the Alhambra. Most of the Alhambra and the accompanying gardens (Generalife) are open during the day, but there are only a certain amount of tickets that are sold. We didn’t reserve any tickets, as a good excuse to return to Granada soon.

We finally returned back to the apartment after a lot of walking and sightseeing. But it was Halloween, so we needed to get ready for going out.  Unfortunately, I’m at the café and out of time, so more about that later!

My Lesson of the Day: I now understand why everyone in Spain is in love with Granada.



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