Your paycheck? oh sorry, I’ve been busy…

7 Nov

I’ve been in Spain for nearly 2 months now, enjoying the life and paying the costs that go along with it. While things here in little Jaén are much cheaper than they would be in a big city, I’ve finally come to realize that euros don’t grow on olive trees. And although colorful, Euros are in fact not monopoly money. It’s about time that Emily gets paid.

My agreement with my school allows for me to get a monthly allotment of money, to be paid at the end of each month. The money comes directly to the school from the Spanish government, who has something like a scholarship fund set up for all of the language and culture assistants here in Spain.  So this leaves it up to my school to pay out the money, via direct deposit into my bank account.

While I’m not exactly making the big bucks, I think my monthly stipend will be enough. And it’s plenty considering that I only work 12 hours a week. But I was starting to get a little nervous when November 5 rolled around and I still hadn’t noticed any money in my bank account. I told one of the other teachers and we went down to the secretary to investigate.

When we got there, he informed me that he had everything ready for the deposit. He’d just been really busy recently so he hadn’t gotten time to get around to processing things. REALLY? I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. Is this normal in Spain?

I guess he finally realized that I might need my paycheck to you know, eat and maybe pay my rent, because I finally just noticed the deposit into my account.

My Lesson of the Day: It might not be a lot of Euros, but make the most with what you’ve got.


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