A trip to the country

16 Nov

About 15 minutes outside of Jaén, lies the pueblo of Pegalajar, our destination this past Saturday. The village is tucked behind a mountain, with beautiful views of the countryside:

Luaren and I headed to the pueblo with Juanma, his girlfriend Estefania, and my neighbor Nacho. We stayed for the night at his house, which is tucked into the terraced countryside. In addition to having a great view, his farm also has almond trees. (I never knew that almonds grew on trees!) And we got to try some freshly picked ones from the summer.

We spent most of our time at the house eating – I wish I were kidding, but I probably ate enough for 5 people. For lunch we made a traditional migas, which are a lot like Thanksgiving stuffing. And in between eating, we played board games, sat around the fire, and told ghost stories (The playstation 3 that was brought along didn’t end up working.)

Just to bring a little of America with us, Lauren and I even taught everyone how to play beerpong. Watch out Spain, I think it was a hit!

My Lesson of the Day: Life before TV wasn’t that bad.


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