Feliz dia de los tres reyes magos

6 Jan

Happy three kings day!

Did Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar bring you any gifts last night? That’s alright. I didn’t wake up to any presents in our hostel this morning, but I did get to see the three kings themselves last night here in Madrid.

Yesterday was the Cabalgata, a huge parade dedicated to the three kings. I was expecting it to be a pretty big deal, but I had no idea what we were getting into. Lauren and I headed out to the main street in Madrid around 7 (the parade started at 6:30, but much farther north) and it was a total locura! Many of the streets were closed off due to the huge amounts of people in the street.

We spent most of the parade trying to see over the crowd, which included hundreds of excited kids on their parents shoulder. From what we could see, the actual parade was pretty cool – think Macy’s day parade, but with classical music playing in stead of drum lines. And the big finale was the appearance of the three kings – each with their own float and queen. (I’m not sure where the camels were.)

The big finale happened at Plaza de Cibeles with a speech from Melchor (he’s the one with the grey beard) – with Baltazar and Gaspar by his side – and then an impressive fireworks display set to music.

My Lesson of the Day: The best gift doesn’t come in a box. The best gift is the love and happiness of your family and friends. Or at least that’s what Melchor told me!


One Response to “Feliz dia de los tres reyes magos”

  1. mom January 6, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    Wow back less then a day and experiencing something new already! But what is up with those 3 kings not leaving you any presents at the hostel! Not so impressive! HaHa!

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