Insert foot into mouth

6 Jan

The crowd around the baggage claim in the Madrid airport was slowly thinning out as each family ran up to the circling luggage rack, picked up their belongings and wheeled out to the exit. We all eagerly waited for more bags to come out. There were at least eight of us still circling the luggage band. Safety in numbers, right? There had to be more coming if all of us were still there. Then, our worst fears were confirmed when the sign above switched from “bags arriving from LONDON” to “bags arriving from BRUSSELS”. Our bags were lost.


It all started out about 24 hours ago in the Dayton airport. It was the first of my 4 flights to make it back to Madrid. The attendant came over the intercom to announce good news! Our plane was arriving ahead of schedule, which meant earlier boarding times and a speedy departure. This was the kind of start that I needed for the long day ahead. Until…


The landing gear got messed up. Three hours later, I had rerouted my flight twice and was booking it across the small Dayton airport to the next terminal in order to get to Chicago.


I arrived in Chicago with a little time to spare. However, no one mentioned to me that because I switched my airline in Dayton, I would have to change terminals in Chicago. And what are the odds that the terminal I landed in would have a flight to the same place at the exact same time with the same last two digits in the flight number as the flight I was supposed to be on?


Once again, I found myself booking it across the airport, but this time in Chicago where I must have walked a good 20 to 30 minutes before I got to my gate (which always seems to be the one at the far end of the terminal).


Then it was off to London, where I had to go through another check-in where the guy was baffled at the state of my itinerary, which had somehow been changed three times and had me booked on the same flight twice (thanks Dayton!).  In all the time he spent trying to fix it, I found myself booking it across my third airport for the day to catch a flight. Did I mention that I brought a good 30 lbs. of luggage to carry? I guess I’m sticking to my new years resolution of getting in more workouts!


And that brings me to where I am now: sitting in the Madrid airport, suitcase-less but all the wiser. I used to enjoy flying. I even ENJOYED being in airports. But fool me no more, airports. I now know what a pain you truly are!


My Lesson of the Day: Even though I complain about the traveling, all the hectic travel in the world was worth it to be home for the holidays!


One Response to “Insert foot into mouth”

  1. mom January 6, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    We couldn’t agree more. It was all worth the hassle just to have you home. You certainly brightened our Christmas! Miss you and glad you made it safely! Love you.

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