La carretera de San Anton

19 Jan

There’s really nothing quite like a sleepy Sunday in Jaén. The church bells start early in the morning and the normal street traffic is traded in for deserted sidewalks, dark shop windows and pulled down persianas (a type of heavy blind made from metal). The only hint of life comes from the cafes, overflowing into the street with people. The main concerns become visiting with family and friends over long lunches and lazy siestas into the late afternoon.

But this past Sunday the people of Jaén woke up from their siestas, put on their running shoes and for a little change of pace headed to the streets for the annual San Anton race. The 10 kilometer race happens every January 16th.

Since I’ve returned to Jaén after Christmas, I noticed an increase of people running at the park and through the streets, training for the race. While a lot of people register to run, even more line the streets to cheer on the runners and light the way with torches.

After the race, there were fireworks and every neighborhood hosted a large bonfire with music and even an outdoor bar. If only every Sunday could end like the Sunday of San Anton!

My Lesson of the day: When the race is over, the people stop training. I don’t think I’ve seen a runner since Sunday!


One Response to “La carretera de San Anton”

  1. Mom January 19, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    What about emily! did she get the whole spanish experience and run the race?

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