Superbowl Monday

11 Feb

In an effort to stick to my American roots, I wasn’t about to pass up on the chance to watch one of the biggest, most American events possible: the Superbowl. The only catch? By the time it finally started all the way over there in Dallas, TX it was already 12:30 am Monday here in Spain. Nevertheless, we trudged to the bar, me wearing my Bengals jersey (although I was fully aware they made it no where near the Superbowl this season).

The game was interesting and the crowd was rather large considering it was a Sunday night out in Jaén, but there were a few striking differences between the Superbowls I have seen in the past.

First, there were no commercials! Yes, you read that correctly – no commercials. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent on Superbowl advertising, it does not guarantee international viewing. Instead of watching commercials, our screen cut away to an arial shot of the stadium so we were able to see the jumbotron and everything else that went on inside.

Another striking difference: the announcers. Dion Sanders was traded in for a soft-spoken Spanish announcer who infrequently chimed in with things like “los cheeseheads tiene la pelota” (The cheeseheads have the ball) or “touchdown los Steelers.

The crowd slowly dwindled down over the several hours of game play and we finally found ourselves on the edge of our seats at 4am in the morning. The bartender had long since started closing shop, shutting the blinds – even pulling down the metal grate over the door –  but allowing us to stay until the end of the game.

As the Steelers turned over the ball and the Packers clinched the title, an all but anti-climactic cheer rang out and everyone returned home to get to bed.

My Lesson of the Day: You can take the people out of the country, but you can’t take the football out of the people.

One Response to “Superbowl Monday”

  1. Frannie February 11, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    no commercials? whaaaaaaat?

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