Good Reasons to Drink Beer (and other things learned on the field trip)

16 Feb

Last week I had the pleasure of going on my first Spanish field trip with my school. I had been wondering where one might go for a local field trip. Apart from the castle and the cathedral, Jaén has no zoo, no aquarium, no children’s museum. So it was off to the Cruz Campo Factory – the glowing red sign in the distance of the city that has been calling to me ever since I first stepped foot on my terrace 6 months ago.

Before you start to worry about the purpose of taking a bunch of students to a beer factory, I just want to remind you that my students are all of legal drinking age, which is 18 here in Spain. And the idea behind the field trip was to talk about computer science workings behind the large factory, but somehow that message got mixed up in transport and the trip ended up being strictly about the beer. Not that any of the students seemed to mind.

After the short bus ride from the school, we arrived to the factory. We quickly learned the main ingredients of beer – malt, water, hops and yeast – all natural (good reason #4 to drink beer). And took a quick tour through the main workings of the plant from receiving the raw materials all the way to bottling and shipping.

Then we headed back to the orientation room where the table was covered with yummy tapas and we got unlimited refills for a chance to try many of the different Cruz Campo labels of beer (well, unlimited until some of the students drank 4-5 in under an hour and then we were politely cut off!).

We each piled back onto the bus with a nice a buzz and a new souvenir mug to take back to school.

My Lesson of the Day: Beer helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects against alzheimer’s disease and contributes about 10% of the daily need for folic acid. (good reasons #1, #6 and #8 to drink beer)


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