9 Jun


The name conjures up images of mediterranean life, late summer nights that turn into sunrises on the beach, tiny narrow streets in the gothic quarter, and watching my dad thwart pickpocketers one at a time.  (nope, I’m never going to stop talking about Tim Norris :P)

Precariously dropped between mountains and sea, the thriving city is a popular destination for tourists. Almost too popular as the city can become a little over-crowded, But it is a great hub for cheap airline flights, which is why I find myself sitting in the Barcelona airport. 

But that being said, Barcelona
has a lot of charm and I would be fool not to enjoy a few days in the big city.

This being my 4th trip to Barcelona, I decided to venture out of the Gothic quarters where I stayed in the past and opted to explore the Passieg de Gracia, the wealthy area to the north of Placa Catalunya and home to Gaudi’s most famous architecture.

The area of the city was really nice, and – ironically – the hostel was really not. But better that way so that Lauren and I spent most of our time out in the city despite the rain.

Some of my new adventures from this trip include:

Drinking Moritz beer (Barcelona’s oldest beer!) while exploring the nightlife in the Gracia neighborhood in the pouring rain.

Entering into a record number of three churches in one day – including the cathedral – while wandering nearly the entire old city (known as Barcino).

Paying for tapas (remember that those are free in Jaen), discovering an unusual skatepark, and stumbling upon the giant cat in the Raval neighborhood. 

Finally seeing the inside of Casa Batllo – one of Gaudi’s most famous works. The inside was as equally impressive as the whimsical, dragon-like outside. I don’t think I saw a single right angle or straight line in the entire house, but I enjoyed the curving, colorful walls all bathed in natural light. Gaudi was greatly inspired by nature; which was easy to see as wandering through the house felt more like an underwater excursion than looking at a former residence. At 14.50€ for a student entrance/audioguide, it was one of the more expensive things I have done, but well worth it! 

Next stop: DUBLIN, capital of the emerald isle, where I’m looking forward to drinking some Irish pints and meeting up with my friend Jamie for the first time on a year! Let the Eurotrip begin! 


One Response to “Barcelona”

  1. mom June 9, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    So it seems that Barcelona has some great architecture and wonderful churches but the housing can be very misleading. Hope you and Lauren had fun in spite of the rain and accomadations and hope you ddn’t have any experiences of pickpocketing..especially since you didn’t have Tim Norris there to protect.
    Enjoy Dublin, say hi to Jamie and take lots of pictures….oh and i guess your luggage passed it’s size and weight limit!!!

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