Munich, Germany

26 Jun

Thanks to our GPS and the lack of speed limit on the German Autobahn, we quickly arrived to Munich.

(Sidenote: I only got our little Corsa up to 185 once, but people passed us like we were standing still! I don’t think I’ve seen the back end of so many Audis in my life!)

After a weird encounter with a pretty elaborate shrine to the late Michael Jackson (Europeans live that guy!) we stumbled upon an outdoor festival in the main square of Munich. We stayed long enough for some German sausages and some people watching. 

The rest of our three days in Munich were mostly spent outside the city at other places. Thanks to which I learned some very important German words, such as Ausfahrt (exit), Einfarht (entrance), and strasse (street).  And that’s about the extent of our German for ya! 

While in Munich we did have time to check out the first Hofbrauhaus, hang out in the main square, check out the cathedral, the royal gardens, and the Olympic park… Most of which were under construction! :/

Our first side trip to SALZBURG, Austria – home of Mozart and The Sound of Music. 


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