Salzburg, Austria

26 Jun

“The hills are alive, with the sound of Music…” But we couldn’t manage to hear them over the hustle and bustle of our day spent in Salzburg. 

The birthplace of Mozart and home to the infamous rebel nun Maria, Salzburg was just as beautiful as the movie depicts. First, the Mirabel gardens (fast-forward to the “do, rey, mi” portion of the movie…. It’s the part with the fountain and the running) are as stunning as they are colorful. With winding rows of blooming flowers and trickling fountains, the garden has a perfect view of the Festung Hohensalzburg (hohensalzburg fortress) set high up on the hill. 

Setting out from the gardens we wound our way through the town and found Mozart’s childhood home, his birthplace, the family grave and even ate a few Mozart balls… Chocolate and pistachio candy, of course! A lovely compliment to some wiener schnitzel from a roadside stand. 

Then we braved the steep incline and took a tram up to the fortress (which I don’t recommend to those afraid of heights!). The fortress, which was started in 1077, grew and grew with the city until it became the large castle that it is today. 

The tour through the elaborate royal chambers was informational, not to mention it had beautiful views overlooking the town of Salzburg and the countryside – all surrounded by the high mountain peaks. 

My favorite part of the tour? Learning about Prince Archbishop Leonhard Von Keutschach, (good luck pronouncing that!) who was responsible for the building of a large amount of the castle. One day, while growing up in the countryside, little Leonard was hit on the head by a turnip and thus chose the mighty turnip as his coat of arms. The turnip coat of arms appears in the castle 58 times, but we only found about 20 of them. 

We left Salzburg through the winding hills (with their music) and made it to Munich by dinner.

One Response to “Salzburg, Austria”

  1. Ellen Lonneman June 27, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Of course you have me belting out the hills are alive…. right here on my home computer. Makes you glad we are not skyping, right?

    Love that you are seeing Europe firsthand. I believe we have a photo of Manneken Pis, from our travels as well.
    Just fun to remember those days,

    Keep having all of the fun,
    Aunt Ellen

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