Zurich, Switzerland

26 Jun

After some serious driving through the streets of Brussels (those people drive like lunatics!) we made it to country number 3 – Luxembourg – in time for lunch and a few hours of sightseeing. Then it was down through the French countryside, which I’m sure would have been beautiful had it not been pouring rain. (starting to notice a rainy theme here?)

Then we finally arrived to Zurich, Switzerland for our second couchsurfing experience. We made it just in time to get some traditional Swiss food, which included lots of meat, sausages, etc. Not speaking any Swiss German myself, I couldn’t ask the waiter for a recommendation but I picked something with cheese, potatoes, pickles, etc and he said “the melted cheese?” There is clearly only one correct answer to that question: “yes, please!”

Little did I know that is exactly what I was getting. A big bowl of melted cheese with a few potatoes and pickles to dip in.   Talk about Swiss cheese! This may be one case where too much of a good thing is actually a good thing! 

After dinner it was out to enjoy Zurich  nightlife, which included the most American bar I’ve seen yet and many, many biciclers (most of which has probably been drinking).

The next day we had a few hours to explore the city and get a little lost. We headed to the Grossmunster church for a beautiful view of the city, the mountains and the lake. We spent a good amount of time feeding the swans, who ate nearly all of my pretzel, and then it was back on the road. 

Switzerland was lovely, but I don’t think I’ll be heading back until I have a few more Swiss francs to spend – the city is expensive! (We had to pay 40 euros just to get into the country!)  On a related note, I learned that a grocery clerk makes more money than I do teaching in Spain. Impending career/country change possible. 

Off to MUNICH, Germany – the beer drinking capital that’s home to oktoberfest and the original hofbrauhaus. 

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