21 Sep

Contrary to what it may have seemed from my last post, I am (unfortunately) not still wandering around fairytale castles in Germany. Nor did I fall off the face of the Earth — just the face of Europe — after which I landed nicely in the vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio.

After what seems like one of the shortest and most fast-paced summer of my life, I find myself sitting next to an empty suitcase once again. How could it be possibly that my closet has gotten bigger, while my suitcase has shrunk?

But I’ve got bigger worries than suitcase shrinkage. I find myself with less than a week before I’m on a plane heading to Malaga, Spain – a large costal city that is only about an hour from my new home of Lucena. And to think I’m going to squeeze a little trip to NYC in between then and now. Oh, life.

Today’s word: maleta (n.): suitcase; as in: “I would rather throw my maleta out the window than pack it.



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