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El Primer Pueblo Pitufo del Mundo

1 May

Scattered throughout the hills, its hard not to miss Juzcar

About a year ago, if you mentioned the pueblo of Juzcar, you probably wouldn’t get much of a response. It was just one of many white towns scattered in the hills and mountains of Andalusia. Although beautiful in it’s own right, there was nothing distinct that set the town apart from any of the surrounding villages.

But then something happened. And some very little people made some pretty big changes.

All thanks to one movie: the smurfs.

In honor of the opening of the new movie in Summer of 2011, Juzcar got a bit of a make-over with a thick coat of blue paint.

The official plaque of the first smurf town

No building could escape. From dilapidated houses to the church and from the library to the cemetery, everything became, well, “smurfed.”

And after the paint came the surfs – painted on balconies, poking out from behind walls, and even leaving their footsteps in paint to lead you to the best tea shop in town. (Let’s be honest it’s probably the only tea shop in town. This place is tiny!)

There was no denying the “smurfiness” that Juzcar had achieved and on June 16, 2011 it officially became the “Primer Pueblo Pitufo del Mundo”: the First Smurf Town in the World.

Word of the Day: Pitufo (n.): Smurf, as in: “How many pitufoscan you spot in the following photos?”

The old church with a new makeover


The Puente

3 Dec

This weekend we have a puente, which literally translates to “bridge” but actually means long weekend. And the Spanish take their long weekends seriously. We’re not talking about a typical 3-day-weekend here. We have off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, giving us a 5-day-weekend and the perfect ammount of time for a road trip.

To where, you ask?

We’ve decided to rent a car and set off on an adventurous (possibly too adventurous) trip farther south to the Malaga and Cadiz provinces of Spain. First we’re heading to Malaga capital, the home of picasso and one of the more metropolitan cities in Spain. From there its off to Ronda, an old town high in the mountains with famous bridges and views. Then to the ruta de los pueblos blancos (the route of the white towns), which is a string of small white-washed villages perched precariously against a background of lush green. Then to Tarifa, the southern most tip of Spain and the windsurfing capital. From there, we head to Gibraltar, a Brittish territory famous for the rock of gibraltar and its monkeys (and we have to drive on the left! yikes!). And then its back up along the Costa del Sol and back to good ‘ole Jaen.

Check out the full map:

My Lesson of the Day: Just talking about this puente is wearing me out! I think we’re going to need to stock up on coffee and redbull?